fairly certain that the sky is actually boiling at this point

Sky On Fire

Be warned, if you’re planning a trip to Paris in the near future, that things are getting a little end-of-the-world-y over there.

pose nine: the dude

Blue Mosque

A fascinating exercise: Sit in view of a religiously and historically significant monument, in an inconspicuous location. Observe visitors taking photos of themselves in front of it. Watch the cross-section of people, in a cross-section of postures; families and singles, old and young, male and […]

the guardian of aya sofya

Istanbul Wildlife

There are a lot of cats in Istanbul. I’m fairly certain they are in charge of the whole shebang. There are dogs, too. They like to nap around this ancient column, which is obviously their known hangout spot. This guy got the prime private spot […]


Year One

Taking pictures of this kid (who is not mine, before you get all hepped up) is pretty much my favorite thing to do. Can’t wait for year two. Happy birthday, Chipotle.